You Tube Training Glasgow

You Tube Training

If a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine the value of just a few seconds of video. Youtube is not only the largest ever video sharing site, it is also the web’s second largest search engine, with millions of people using it to search for entertainment, education and information every day.

Our simple, straightforward training shows you how to set up a compelling, professional You-Tube “channel”, what type of videos to share and how to use them to create a following, convert to leads and even increase the search engine ranking of your website. Our training is step by step, so you can be confident you’re making the best decisions for promoting your company at every stage of the process.

Update 02/04/2013: YouTube updated it’s interface recently, if you have an account and haven’t touched it in a while it’s possibly going to be a little messed up. the new one is leaner more functional account but has some oddities to it. No more having to sign up to Partner programs, no more 15 min limits to video length, monetize your account to make a little money on the side and link to your own website to increase your Search Engine Optimisation.

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