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These private social media workshop courses are for up to 20 delegates and completely customised to the needs of your business and market – this means we only teach you about the social media channels and techniques that are useful to you…

We put the unique benefits of social media marketing to your company in context, explaining, step by step, how to use channels effectively, giving you an easy instruction manual for your entire social media strategy.

Our social media experts focus is on gaining bottom line benefits for your company – that means leads, sales and advocates for your brand – and on saving you as much time as possible while doing it.

We also do something no-one else does, some social media optimisation, after a few days to a week, we will do a quick review of your social media posts and give you a small overview on how well you are doing. Then about a month after that we will arrange a check up session where we sit down with you and analyse your whole social media strategy to make sure that you are on track and if not make any adjustments.

We can provide these kinds of social check ups as often as you need, which will also include new techniques that we may have learned since the last training session, keeping you completely up to date with the best ways of gaining more traffic.

How can it Benefit my Business?

To find out how choose one of the social media training sessions below.

Social Media Workshops & Training in Glasgow

Social Media Workshops & Training

Twitter Training in Glasgow

Twitter Training

Facebook Training in Glasgow

Facebook Training

Linkedin Training Glasgow

Linkedin Training

Google Plus Training Glasgow

Google Plus Training

You Tube Training Glasgow

You Tube Training

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Pinterest Training Glasgow

Pinterest Training



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