To make a good social media strategy you need to know what your objectives are. Most companies sign up to social media and just start tweeting and posting away, they never seem to take time to understand the true benefits of social media in their company or how they are all tied together.

What makes our Social Media Strategy Consultations Different?

First of all we do a unique and very special educational social media presentation for you to make sure you actually require our services.

The educational presentation has been created by our social media experts, one of which is teaching as a Glasgow University lecturer.

You get to learn why social media is so vital to your company, where it fits in and why it needs to be part of your social media marketing going forward. We also spill our BIG secret on how it all fits together.

What’s Our Guarantee!

First you need to know the value of what you’re getting.

Our educational presentation reveals some pretty big aha moments (that also means absolutely no sales pitches). It’s interactive so you can ask us any question at any time to gain further insights into things you’re concerned or want to know more about.

Here are the top 5 questions we’ve been asked in the past:

  1. What if we get people negatively commenting on our social media?
  2. How do we use social media to improve customer relations?
  3. What can social media be used for?
  4. How do we make money with spending time on social media?
  5. Do we have to do all the social media options out there?

So what’s the actual guarantee?

We’re very confident in the material presented and the understanding that you’ll gain from it.

We usually charge £349 for this part of the strategy consultation, however if you feel at the end of it you haven’t got a fresh understanding to take your company forward with, just tell us why and we will thank you for your time and won’t send an invoice. No pressure, no quibbles!

Even better is that if you do want to take CONTACT on to do a full social media strategy consultation then we’ll discount the full amount of the educational presentation (£349) from your final invoice with us, it’s win win.

Other Related Services

You might also might think about a full Digital Marketing Strategy session or some Social Media Training.

If you’re interested in any of our Social Media Strategy Consultation give us a call or fill out our call back form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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