Social Media Optimisation is simply looking at what social channels you have, how you are using them and how you could be getting more out of them.

Return on investment is a term often used around social media. We find many people saying well I don’t get any business from social media or I waste a lot of time and feel my efforts are wasted.

We believe that almost any business can benefit from using social media and measuring the return on investment is matter of asking the right questions and setting the right goals at the beginning.

We create social media workshop consultations around what you do, so highly specific to your company and industry so no generic rules, you will get the exact things your business needs to do. You’ll learn what questions you need to ask like:

  1. Are we trying to generate sales leads and how are we doing that?
  2. Do we use social media for supporting our customers?
  3. Are we trying to inform and educate customers?

These are a very small fraction of the goals and tasks social media channels can achieve for your business.

Once you have a grasp of these along with our secret weapon from our social media experts of how to tie the social channels together so you will get even more out of them, you can then start to be able to measure the actual return on investment (secret: it’s not always directly measured in £’s).

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