We have social media experts that cover both the fully teacher qualified training (a very rare quality in our industry) and time served technical knowledge & experience.

We constantly look to the future to find the best social media tactics that tie into other aspects of your business to enrich your customer engagement.

David Sime: Marketing/Social Media Specialist Consultant

David Sime targeting the next skill to master

David Sime targeting the next skill to master

David has a very unique set of skills that really lend themselves to understanding social media on a level most companies can only hope to have. He comes from a Marketing background which he graduated with honours in Consumer Management Studies in 1999.

He’s worked with several large corporate companies like the NHS and used that knowledge to help smaller companies gain advantages over it’s own competition.

David is now the first nationally accredited digital marketing lecturer where he is working on the development of the very first digital marketing and social media curriculum at Stirling University, so you can see he’s actually qualified to be called a social media specialist.

Alan FairCompany Director & all round Geek

Alan Fair going to work

Alan Fair going to work

Alan has a crazy number of skill sets and loves to learn new systems and processes, but where he excels is for the more technical and statistic approaches to social media, which compliments David’s skill sets perfectly.

Alan has actually been there since the very beginning of the mainstream internet, so he has seen it grow and change into what it’s now become. This has given him a unique perspective and ability to see where things are going to get ahead of the curve.

By working with the extensive technical and marketing knowledge of the rest of the team he finds ways to take his concepts test them and then make them reality helping customers carve out their own future online.

The one thing you’ll always get from Alan is his passion for this industry and what it can do for other businesses, just talk to him and you’ll quickly understand.

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