Demand AnalysisIf you’re moving into a current or new product/service area and would like to know if it’s worth investing in, then this report is perfect for you.

We can analyse the market to tell you if there is a demand online which usually translates to a demand offline. This up to the day marketing information puts you in the driving seat telling you if there is a market and where that market is growing or declining, so you can make a crucial decision before wasting a lot of money or resources.

Current Demand: Ascertain the current online demand for your products & services & let you know whether a strong market exists.

Projections: Analyse search patterns to work out if demand is rising, remaining stable or actually falling away over time.

Seasonal Trends: Identify patterns of high & low demand to predict & prepare peak seasons demands.

Keywords Used: Identify the most common targeted search terms for your products & services to use within your online & traditional marketing.

Competition: Identify online rivals that target your products or services & let you know how easy or difficult it is to compete online for each.

Locations: Identify peak demand for your products & services nationally & internationally to help target your marketing online & offline.


Do you know enough about your own site or your competitors?

When used in combination with our other services, you can even learn

  • Find out exactly what your competitors do online to get high rankings with this Competitor Analysis Report
  • In depth analysis of your own website to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses that can affect your search engine ranking (See Search Engine Optimisation Report)
  • Analysis of your website’s regular traffic – which keywords are generating the best results, which parts of your site are engaging these users and which are losing them (See Website User Experience Report)

What can you do outside of your website to most effectively improve your ranking for your targeted keywords (See Social Media Training and Link Building Services)