competitor analysis breakdown

So what are marketing intelligence services? well do you find yourself ever wondering the following:

  1. I want to know why my competitors are ahead of me on line? 
  2. Why is my website under performing?
  3. What do I need to get more qualified visitors to my website?

We have various competitive intelligence analysis reports and consultations that can reveal all this and much more to help your business succeed online.

We do this by making sure an actual person looks and checks all the information you pay for, none of this auto generated by some software online and handed over to you as if it was a well researched report.

You need a real person to ask the right questions throughout the process and completely customise the report content for you to beat your competitors.

Competitor Analysis Report

Competitor Analysis Report

competitor analysis report

  1. Who are your real online competition?
  2. How well are you doing against them?
  3. What keywords are your competitors aiming for and are they worth using?
  4. What are their strengths, secrets and online strategies which could be used for your own website?

Every company has competitors, but sometimes your strongest adversaries online are not the companies you would think… Fortunately, with the right tools and insights, finding out who your rivals are and how to beat them is more than just wishful thinking.

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Keyword Analysis Report

Keyword Analysis Report

keyword analysis report

  1. What keywords are your customers using to find your products or services?
  2. Which of these keywords can your website realistically compete for?
  3. Which terms will actually generate sales for your company?

These are the three most important considerations for any business promoting itself on the internet. Amazingly many companies fail to carry out this research, instead wasting effort on terms they think customers will use, or become complacent because they are at the top of Google for a term which may not be generating any traffic.

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Search Engine Optimisation Report

Search Engine Optimisation Report

search engine optimisation

  1. How well optimised is your website for search engines?
  2. What minor changes could make all the difference to your website’s rankings and visitor numbers?
  3. How can you “optimise” your site for specific keywords, markets or even devices (tablets, phones etc)

Search engines use a myriad of factors and best practises to work out which website appears at the top of the list for a given search – get these right and you could give your website a huge advantage over its competitors, get it wrong and all your other efforts could be for naught…

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Website User Experience Report

Website User Experience Report

website user experience

  1. Where are your website visitors coming from?
  2. How can you convert visitors to your site into leads, customers or donors?
  3. What parts of the site are most engaging users and which are losing them?

Getting visitors to your website is only the first step – keeping them there, engaging them in the correct content and ultimately converting the largest possible number of them to customers should always be your goal.

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Digital Strategy Consultation

Digital Strategy Consultation

social media marketing

  1. Why is the current online strategy not working?
  2. Why do I spend hours every week and not get many results?
  3. What do I have to do short, medium and long term to improve the business online?

One of the biggest pains is spending out on a new website only for it to under perform online. The website design could be good, the backend system could be running smoothly and the content could be great, but if no-one is seeing it or engaging with it then all of that won’t matter.

If you find yourself spending hours marketing your website online and getting nowhere then you might need a consultation from our in house social media, online marketing  & search engine optimisation experts

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