Alan Fair on his way to work

Alan Fair on his way to work

“To know about CONTACT you really just need to know about the people in the company – what drives us, what interests us and why we might be the right company for you.

We all live and breathe what we do; we’re passionate about making a difference to a client’s business and overall we really enjoy the opportunity to do what we do on a daily basis.

If you’re as passionate about your company, then I think we would get on very well.”

– Alan Fair, Company Director


Meet the Core Team

Alan Fair: Company Director

Alan has owned and managed CONTACT for 11 and 1/2 years . He is very passionate about getting results for his clients and will go to extreme lengths to make sure the value is always there.

Coupled with HNCs in both Electronic Engineering and Computer Technology as well as over 15 years in the information technology industry Alan brings with him a wealth of market and technical knowledge to this business.

A specialist in the web development and online marketing both form the foundation of CONTACT’s service offerings. In his time running a business Alan has also developed a keen awareness of the trends affecting business to business websites.

Using this knowledge and expertise, Alan has been able to predict emerging market demands months, sometimes years in advance. It is this thirst for knowledge which guides CONTACT’s on going and successful business strategy to help clients benefit from those insights.


Stephen Davidson: Technical Manager

One of the core strengths of the CONTACT team, Stephen’s technical abilities are borne out by his impressive academic and professional record. With a BSC in Network Computing from Edinburgh University and an MSC in Computer Sciences. Stephen is also a CISCO certified Network Professional and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

Because of his technical proficiency, Stephen has been approached and employed by impressive names including the Ministry of Defence’s GCHQ and the National Health Service successfully carrying out highly challenging tasks for each.

Subsequently Stephen has spent 1 year working for Vivitar, and now 7 and a half years with CONTACT working on a very diverse set of web & application development projects for a wide range of business clients.

His technical abilities are rivalled only by his understanding of the markets he operates within and his ability to adapt to the specialist needs of CONTACT’s respective clients.


Josef Oberskal: Technical Developer

Josef completed his post graduate diploma in Computer Sciences in Germany in 2002, spending the following 6 years as a Web Developer for a Munich based chemical data provider. During this time Josef was mainly concerned with developing and maintaining front end web interfaces for database clients, whilst earning his Sun MicroSystems certification in Java development.

In 2008 Josef emigrated to Scotland where he undertook an HNC in interactive multimedia. Since joining the official CONTACT team as technical developer. Josef has continued to develop his skills, training himself to a professional level in the popular WordPress content management system.

Josef’s impressive and continuously expanding technical skill-set coupled with his formidable problem solving intellect have proved an invaluable asset to CONTACT’s technical capabilities.